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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  October 29, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> good morning to you. i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather nauert. it is monday october the 29th. we have a busy morning to bring you. thank you for getting up with us and watching "fox & friends first". the entire northeast including major cities from washington to boston bracing for sandy. it is a monster storm. it is projected to bring life threatening storm surges with hurricane force winds and even heavy snow to some parts of west virginia. in the meantime sandy has shut down some airlines mountain transit into the new york area. the new york stock exchange stools a schools and banks as w. >> we have live team coverage for you.
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peter doocy sis live in delawar. mriz bette pran in the outer banks of north carolina. first we start with maria molina for the latest on sandy's path. where is sandy now? >> it is more than 300 miles away from the new york city areas to the south and southeast. we have an update from the national hurricane center. hurricane center moves through the storm and found out sandy has further intensified. the pressure dropped more and incredibly low out across the latitudes. maximum sustained winds stronger as well at 85 miles per hour. sandy is forecast to continue to strengthen and becoming post tropical system or extra tropical system that is not important. what's important is sandy is a powerful storm system and will be producing widespread impact across the northeast. land fall expected as we head into monday night and central sections of new york city.
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that puts it on the northern side of a storm system you will be seeing the on score flow 11 feet off of long island and new york harbor. the flooding is forecast not just for new york city but since sandy is a large storm areas across new england will be seeing beach erosion and coastal flooding. heavy rain associated rain bands bringing down heavy amounts of rainfall across virginia. maryland and parts of southern new jersey 10 inches or locally hire amounts will be possible. also expecting widespread impact as far as the wind. take a look at this map ainsley and heather new england down to the parts of southeast will be seeing wind gusts of tropical storm force. >> you can see downed trees and power lines and trees down as well. let's head over to peter doocy live in delaware for us. >> hey, peter. >> ainsley as of 5:00 a few
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minutes ago all of the roads in delaware are closed to the public. all of the businesses in the coastal areas and low lying areas mandatory evacuation zones have been closed since last night. there is nothing to do in delaware and we are starting to feel for the first time the really strong intensifying winds that maria was just talking about. the further we have seen that water comes i am going to step up. the water coming here i am standing at the boardwalk. this is the boardwalk that was built with 5 and a half b-- rebuilt with 5 and a half million dollars of stimulus money a few years ago. it lies at the front of a bunch of shops and places to eat and hotels. a lot of stuff. there are sandbags. there are more. no businesses nobody in delaware wants water to come up certainly where it is already but any further than where we are right here now. there are shelters open. we don't know how many people
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are taking advantage of those but they are here to help. just because the roads are closed and all of the businesses are closed that doesn't mean there is not help available. certainly authorities don't want anybody on the road who shouldn't be. we are waiting for the sun to come up to see what kind of damage we see the strong winds in the water. >> peter doocy thank you so much. it is not a very populated area but it is a big summer beach community. this is hurricane sandy from way up above nasa najs tracking the storm's path for almost 12-hours now. it is quiet in new york city. all of that could change in a few hours. let's go outside to todd to see how the city is getting ready. looks like everything is pretty much closed here. >> it is. everything is closed. loc local starbucks are closed even broadway shows have been shut down because of this storm.
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people are very concerned about what is about to happen here in new york city. many people have evacuated some 375,000 have been told to get out of their homes get to evacuation certainties, get to high grou -- evacuation centers. one condo right on the river of brooklyn many people just about the entire building are staying put. mayor bloomberg has a message for those folks in brooklyn. >> i can't stress enough this is for your own safety. if you refuse to evacuate you are not only putting yourself at risk but also the first responders who will have to assist you in an emergency. >> the big concern sl the storm surge 6-11 feet of water. that is going to cause a lot of trouble especially in the lower lying areas of lower manhattan and brooklyn and some of the other burrows. that's why the mayor says you still have time to get to those evacuation centers. people need to do that right
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now. todd live for us in new york city. thank you so much, todd. >> we are 8 days away from the presidential election. mother nature shaking up plans for both locations with polls showing a close race every minute and every day count. >> with the storm making its way up along the east coast president obama and mitt romney are cancelling scheduled events in key swing states including new hampshire and virginia. president obama also cancelling plans to visit ohio and is instead focusing on the storm. he says he's working with the governors and the states at risk the greatest risk of hurricane sandy. he is vowing to eliminate red tape for assistance there. >> my message to the governors as well as the mayors is anything they need we will be there. we are going to cut through red tape. they a we are not going to bog down with a lot of rules. >> the president will hold a rally in orlando before heading back to the white house. mitt romney's campaign has
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stopped sending fundraising e-mails in several states in sandy's path including new jersey, north carolina virginia, washington, d.c. a whole lot of areas affected by this storm. romney is urging supporters to keep millions at risk in their prayers. >> i know right now some people are nervous about a storm about to hit the coast. our thoughts and prayers are with the people who find themselves in harm's way. the romney campaign will use the campaign to help with relief efforts across the east coast and collect supplies to the storm victims in virginia. they will hold rallies in ohio. iowa as well as wisconsin. virginia said it will have extended early voting hours for those affected by the storm. maryland early voting is suspended as the storm makes its way along the east coast. some refineries oil refineries are are cutting their rates and
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are prepared to shut down ahead of hurricane sandy's arrival. the refineries are nicknamed the gasoline machine provide motor fuel to new york city. refineries are said to be built with with stand hurricane force winds. precautions are taken because they could lose power. power outage could cause damage within those facilities. 6 refineries could be shut down in the northeast. >> it has been 3 years 6 months since the senate passed a budget. senate majority leader harry reid said it would be foolish to even write one. the last time senate passed a budget back in 2009. let's talk about sports now. a clean sweep for san francisco. look at the celebration here. >> the giants won it all. >> having a good time.ts beatin 4-3 in 13 innings to go on to
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win the world series. pablo sand ball was named the world series mvp. the second championship in three years. we got an update from the national hurricane center. maria molina has been tracking the path. what's the latest information? >> the latest information is now sandy is stronger it has maximum sustained winds at 85 miles per hour. the pressure has continued to drop which is a sign that sandy is not only intensifying but forecast to continue to do so. maximum sustained winds at 90 miles per hour. as far as where it's going the intensity now sandy is stronger that means the impact we have been talking about as far as storm surge and rainfall goes and maximum sustained winds it will be more and more felt across portions of the northeast and mid atlantic.
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we are expecting significant amounts of snowfall 2-3 feet of snow across the mountains. we have winter weather advisories out there. we are talking about hurricanes on the other side of it. >> 2-3 feet is that what she said? >> and blizzard warnings, too. >> it is clear it is so bizarre. >> thank you so much. we will be talking to you through out the morning. >> 10 minutes after the top of the hour. get the disaster kit ready. what needs to be in it? mark seigel is next with what you need to stay safe with the hurricane. >> we are taking a look now in rehoboth beach dell bare wear. we will go there to make sure you are not caught there. we have reporters up and down the east coast.
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>> good morning to you. it is quarter past the hour. we are continuing to follow the conditions along the coast as hurricane sandy makes its way closer and closer to land. we are live in virginia beach this morning. good morning jennifer. what's it like out there now? >> hi there, heather. this area has been pelted with unrelenting rain since midday yesterday. there is nowhere to go for all of this water. yesterday we were seeing flooding in some of the low lying inland areas. all of the businesses virtually all of them are sandbagged out here as they get ready for the storm to hit them harder today. schools are close the offices are closed up and down the east coast. the bigger story this surf could be 6-11 feet up the ooeeast coa.
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it has eaten up the beach and is coming over the boardwalk. it is unrelenting. heather? >> any power outages in there? >> some very small minor ones but so far the electrical system is still holding on. they are concerned about what is going to happen. the winds will 40 mile the an hour they could get up to 60-65 as the guys along. dealing with that for a prolonged period of time could be a problem here. >> stay safe out there. >> oo speaking what have to prepare for let's head over to ainsley. >> heather sthooivenlgs. we want to make sure you are prepared for hurricane sandy. what should you have in your disaster kit how much water should you have for your family.
2:16 am
how long before the food goes bad in your fridge. >> we are talking flooding. if your house gets flooded if your street gets flooded what should you do? >> that is one of the mrooins public officials are talking about evacuations. flooding is one of the biggest dangers of the storms. the storm won't come and knock down house it is will create flood. the biggest concern is things lurking under the flood waters. people stumbling get injured they can get fractures they can get wounds. the hospital may be on a evacuation status you can get lose power lines and shocks from that. the other issues since the flood waters are always contaminated. sewage gets in them. watch out for that. watch out for infections from the flood. >> lots of moms watching this morning. baby formula, when do you know if that has been contaminated?
2:17 am
>> bridge ration is only good for 1-4 hours. turn them on the highest setting. freezer food is 1-3 days. the things you really need put in the freezer. baby formula that has to be in your disaster kit. nonperishable food for 1-3 days. water one gallon per person per day. i think more than that fill your bathtub with water right now make sure the top of your toilet is filled with water. 7 days of medications. i worry about chronically ill patients. put the medications away for 1-4 days. >> if it touches milk cartons and things like that don't drink it. >> keep your portable water separate from anything on the street. stay away from flood waters. >> anything with a cap what type of container should we throw away? >> i would say anything contaminated with water anything that's open you want to get rid of. you want to put away in the kits
2:18 am
food for three-days water for 3 days minimum. >> you mentioned a manual can opener. >> flashlight batteries. do not use candles do not use kerosene lamps use flashlights. >> good to see you this morning. it's 18 after the hour. evacuations are already underway with hurricane sandy. we have a lot of up states daits and how it may be affecting you. that's coming up next and a look at the outer banks in north carolina. one of the areas expected to be hit hard we have team coverage of hurricane sandy.
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>> let's get right to our top stories hurricane sandy. elizabeth pran is live for us. we have an update on how the storm is looking there. good morning elizabeth. >> good morning, ainsley. hurricane sandy really beating down on the carolinas for the past 36 hours. we get little break from the wind but we are getting the sideways very cold rain. it is dil fficult to see i am gettiget standing on a sand dune that is getting a beating. last year a $37 million restoration project a few miles south of us. they built an artificial sandbar where the tide breaks they added 100 feet of break. the waves are breaking twice once at the sandbar once at the beach. keep in mind there are a lot of
2:23 am
low lying areas that aren't protected by the beach. a lot of people have no protection from the storm. as the wind rushed past the water picked up in the sound and inundated some of the homes there. that being said people cannot be out and about today. nc 12 which is a highway the main thoroughfare of the outer banks parts of it is closed. maybe perhaps the worst is over. people cannot be out and about today. iffer you sant key where you are driving don't go out on the roads today. coast guard will be out and about. >> ainsley? >> another good point is if you see a big puddle don't thrive through it you never know how deep it is. you can get stuck in traffic. >> one of the largest storms in
2:24 am
the east coast has already seen the storm surge is causing evacuations with even more along the way. how will this effect you? we are joined on the phone about commander kenneth pirro from the coast guard. thanks for joining us. >> how are you? >> what is the latest? what would you like to tell viewers who are listening. >> it looks like everybody has prepared the harbor is quiet. nobody out right now which is a good thing. no reports from anybody going out right now. they are following the lead of emergency responders pulling back away from the waters. mayor ordered evacuation of low lying areas and hopefully people are taking them up on that opportunity to get safe. >> we are following this up and down the east coast. could you put this storm in perspective for us in terms of
2:25 am
the storm surge that we may be expecting? >> if is pretty significant. we are looking for 10-11 feet through out the city. that is pretty high. might be some damage due to it. recovering as quick as possible. >> you mentioned you are taking some of the coast guard boats out of the water. will you be able to conduct rescue operations as needed? >> we have limited operation ability. once the storm kicks up we won't be able to respond at all couldn't risk putting our people in harm's way for people who didn't pay attention to the evacuation orders. >> basically listen heed the warnings. you won't put your people in harm's way to rescue people who are putting themselves in the water. >> we need to be able to respond
2:26 am
to everything on the other side of the storm. that is why the work is difficult. >> is it standard you start to take your boats out ahead of the storm? >> absolutely. small ships are up river and small boats out of the water. hopefully people are taking lead with the example. >> there was a large ship in distress the owner of the boat couldn't get in touch with the crew 7 people on board. this was near the outer banks. is it a okay now? >> i have no information on that. >> kenneth thank you. important one. want to watch that one. >> 26 after the top of the hour. coming up hurricane sandy already rewreaking havoc on the campaign trail.
2:27 am
what impact will it have on the roads to the white house. we have the latest from the changes. >> check out the live waves coming up into raleigh north carolina. take a look right there another. hurricane sandy is closer to home. we have live con raj continuing next.
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>> that's our top story. hurricane sandy welcome back to fox and friend first. i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather nauert. let's get back to our extreme weather alert at this hour. hurricane sandy churning up rough waves. maryland also beginning to fall there. millions of folks from north carolina to maine could lose power as a result of this monster storm. >> we continue our live team coverage. doug luzader is in delaware. first we start with maria molina for the latest on sandy's path. >> good morning everyone. we are still tracking sandy who has actually intensified over the last efrl hours and now have maximum sustained wind at 85 miles per hour. earlier in the show we mentioned on the western side of the storm we will be seeing significant snow across parts of the state of west virginia and western portions of the state of
2:32 am
virginia. that snowfall has already begun falling out here we are talking about 2-3 feet of snow out here. interesting impact further off toward the west well inland away from sandy. shy of 400 miles southeast of the area. we have rain bands moving along shore across parts of delaware. the area in red has very heavy rain. we could see flooding very shortly. 10 inches of rain will be possible across portions of the mid atlantic. flooding a big concern. the wind is also starting to pick up across parts of long island. wind gusts shy of 40 miles per hour. the dark shading in blue wind gusts over 50 miles per hour. we are seeing that move on shore as sandy approaches land. let's head to delaware right now. >> that is where doug luzader is live with an update.
2:33 am
good morning , doug. the waves are significant. >> they are menacing is what i would call them. the impact off t the storm the of the storm is expected to come north of here. for hundreds of miles around everyone will feel the impact. you talk about those wave heights. i am standing on the beach here this water is coming just about up to my feet just about up to this fence that protects these dune areas along the beach. as far as the wave hikes are concerned we have a beau rewell offshore indicating wave hikes 23 feet. as far as the wind speeds are concerned that buoy is reporting 40 miles per hour sustained winds gusting up to about 53 or so. it doesn't quite feel that bad right here at the moment along the beach. that is what we expect in the coming hours it will get worse and worse. the fear here is all of this water you see rushing up the beach will go well past this fence on up to the boardwalk
2:34 am
between where i am standing and where the camera is. and at that point you are potentially endangering a lot of thoels and businesses. that is why they have ordered mandatory evacuations for everyone along the coast about 3 or 4 miles in or so. that will effect 50,000 people here along this stretch. you start looking north of here to those massive population centers that is where sandy is going to have a huge impact. as bad as this rain is sandy may leave her mark as a snowstorm. >> that could be in west virginia. thank you very much louing lidor in rehoboth beach, dell wear. >> hurricane sand sees headi-- is heading to the ooets coast. hi there, jeff.
2:35 am
>> you can see the boardwalk mainly a lot of sandbags and caution tape. anybody knows this is a great spot in the summer but hurricane shutters are already down as well. as soon as the sun comes up it will be in the ocean. the nor' easter component that i think really takes people here who experienced the hurricane before category 1 hurricane before say i don't know if we want to be here for this wbecaue it is an unknown an on rush of the water that comes in when a hurricane hits we are going to
2:36 am
get a warush of water we haven' seen in these parts for a long time. >> jeff from the fox business network. >> hurricane sandy shaking up schedules and a plan for both of these campaigns with just 8 days left. events in the key swing states like virginia, new hampshire have been canceled. president obama vowing states will get all of the storm assistance they need. >> my message to the governors as well as to the mayors is anything they need we will be there. we are going to cut through red tape and not going to get bogged down. >> they will they had to orlando before it gets to the white house. >> they will assist with relief efforts they are urging supporters to keep people at risk in their prayers. >> i know people are nervous about the storm that hits the
2:37 am
coast our thoughts and prayers are with people who find themselves in harm's way. >> mitt romney will visit ohio, iowa and wisconsin all states that could sway the election. >> turn over the evidence. they are increasing calls for the obama administration they are outraged they are staying quiet. listen to this. >> very good at touting and giving all of the details like when they got bin laden. but now we know there were tapes recordings inside the consulate during this fight and they have gotten -- they came when the fbi got in and quote top secret. >> republicans are politicizing the issue. >> is this tearrism 101. a new york university professor having students to plot a terror
2:38 am
attack. professor helen maris asking students to write up 15 pages describing how they would do it and what the aftermath would be. she is a former navy criminal investigator defends the class saying it prepares students for a career in intelligence. some police officers are calling it an insult to those who died on 9-11. shocking details about the meningitis outbreak. health officials waited 6 days before they noted the public. they have back pain shots linked to the infections. 25 people died in the outbreak including three from the state of indiana. 344 people have gotten sick so far. it is now 20 minutes before the hour and coming up we are talking about a bad economy. >> in a poor economy storm damage evacuations and closures might end up costing all of us a lot of money. we are going to breakdown the shocking numbers for you next.
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>> 42 minutes after the hour. after flooding power outages and damage to the cities. this could be enormous. joining us now from the fox business network is lauren sim neat tee. assessors are already out ready to go to work. >> the insurance information agency says other than that it will be too early how much damage sandy will bring. irene brought in $4.3 billion in damage last year. it was one of the top ten costliest u.s. returns in history. the insurance adjusters are already on the scene they could
2:43 am
go in as early as wednesday and write checks on the spot for policyholders>> wall street some of the banks are heclosed today. >> they are closed today and likely tomorrow. electronic trading late last night much of lower manhattan has already been evacuated. they are operating on a work at home basis. heather? >> here is something of major concern we have seen gas prices dip recently but they could be on their way up. that's because refineries could be shut down. >> 6 northeast oil refineries could be affected they have 6.2 million of barrels a day.
2:44 am
october 1st the official month in the 2013 model year. if some of the car dearlies shut down they may not be unloading the vehicles. >> keep our fishings crossed on gas prices and insurance issues as well. >> lauren thank you so much. >> good to see you. quick look at headlines. he was the prime suspect. ainsley take it away from here. >> he was the prime suspect in the 79 disappearance of 6-year-old new york boy acetan paintballing ae -- patz. he was declared responsible for the child's death in a civil court. manhattan district attorney's office never found enough evidence to charge him criminally. he confessed to the crime.
2:45 am
pedro mendez has been charged with the child's murder. he has been patched from the international space station. it has crashed back on to earth landing in the pacific ocean. it is the first supply run to the space station since space shuttles were retired last year. >> hurricane the only extreme weather in west virginia we have learned if has started there. heavy rains pounding the region already. what is it like there now? is that snow we are seeing or is that rain? >> it is rain. it is a really big backdrop that hurt when it hit you in the face. that's the big concern. it's a low lying coastal area. no place for it to go. if you can see how saturated the
2:46 am
ground is after we dealt with it for more than a day. rain will continue through out today and into tomorrow. after that gusts in the 50 to 60 mile an hour range. right here along the virginia beach coastline the search is ferocious down there it could be anywhere from 6-11 feet in the water level. it worked its way up to the beach and lapped it's way up on to the boardwalk. they have heard storms of a few hours or so but one lasting this long it is a real challenge. it is quarter after the hour. hurricane sandy is shaping up to be a monster storm. it could effect 60 million people. next we will tell you how to avoid being stranded by hurricane sandy. in the meantime check in with brian kilmeade to see what's coming up on "fox & friends".
2:47 am
>> you had an early weakup call. we are talking a lot about what you are talking about especially after what is happening with the storm rolling in. we will strike the perfect battle between what's happening with politics they both interact. donald trump will be here live and give us the perspective of the stock exchange closed but he's still open for business. we will have governor bob mcdonald talk about why they are not campaigning in virginia or concerned about the surge in virginia. we will go over late polls that has both president obama and governor romney feeling optimistic. fox and friends get going in 13 minutes. don't miss it.
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>> hurricane sandy already halting thousands of fights and
2:51 am
leaving travelers stranded as the storm goes up the east coast. >> let's talk on the phone with steve coleman with the port authority of new york and new jersey. the port authority governs a lot of things many of the tunnels coming into and out of manhattan and also the major airports in this area. start off by telling us what the situation is at the airports right now. >> right now the airports are open. we do have stranded travelers at all three airports. doing the best we can to make them comfortable. providing them basic amenities however air carriers have ceased operations until further notice and we are strongly urging anybody that might have had a flight out of any of our airports which is jfk. newark laguardia not to go to the airport until such time as they resume service. >> what about the bridges taunlds? lots of spokes wfolks who work
2:52 am
manhattan many are trying to get into the city. what's the status of bridges and tunnels? >> anybody trying to get into the city today any time on a case by case basis the bridges and tunnels could be closed. we are monstering the winds and flooding storm surges. some are calling for 60-80 mile an hour wind gusts. if that happens we have to close down the george washington bridge which carries 3,000 passengers a day between new jersey and manhattan. we are keeping a close eye on the bridges and tunnels. hopefully people understand if they get into manhattan this morning they might have difficulty this evening getting out. >> you may be stuck. image the impact on commerce if folks aren't able to get around. so many people in this area do not live in manhattan and compute from elsewhere. you are talking about significant winds that could be hitting the bridges.
2:53 am
60 mile per hour winds. >> if they reach 60 miles per hour we need to close down the bridges. as i mentioned previously the george washington bridge handles 300,000 people a day. if that bridge is forced to close it will impact hundreds of thousands of people. we are hoping if people go into manhattan this morning they realize if the conditions deteriorate they may have difficult geeting back into manhattan this evening. >> some of the tunnels may be flooded as well not to mention the rail lines. thank you very much. we are following hurricane sandy this morning the super storm is expected to impact millions and millions of people along the east coast new england is now preparing for the worst. >> this is the largest threat to human life our state has experienced in any one's lifetime. >> let's talk about katherine parada. good morning.
2:54 am
how are things looking there? >> we are dealing with pretty heavy winds right now. we are looking at cape cod chatham is right here. right on the bottom portion of the cape. we are getting the brunt of the winds right now. 23 miles per hour which gust at 35 miles per hour. we are told as the storm progresses we could see winds 35-50 miles per hour. 70 mile per hour gusts. you can image what it would be like double what it is right now. i am already getting bloin around so far. bridges in new york may be closed this afternoon. that could be the case here on the cape. cape cod to massachusetts those will be closed. other concerns here in this area flooding storm surge, the storm
2:55 am
surge is expected to be the worst around noontime. the high titide would be. it will tie up the ocean way up there. as the tide goes earlier it can be a concern as well. katherine parada thank you so much. we have seen them from north carolina to masses. you see the conditions are the same. all of the strong winds and rains. >> 5 minutes before the hour. more live pictures from delaware as hurricane sandy barrels up the east coast. there you have it right there. [ birds chirping ] are you sure you can fit in there? [ chuckles ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] around view monitor with bird's-eye view. nice work. [ male announcer ] introducing the all-new nissan pathfinder.
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>> before fox and friends end said, we'll check with maria molina who is tracking sandep for us. hurricane sandy has continued to strengthen and maximum sustained winds at 85 miles
2:59 am
per hour. it is shifting to the left and it will make landfall in central and southern new jersey tonight. sandy is a large storm system. you will start to see the impact later today some of you are feeling it in the midatlantic and long island, dealing with the wind that is picking up. sandy could have maximum sustained winds at 90 miles per hour. one of the big concerns is the storm surge. new york city is on the northern side of the storm . we could see storm surge of 11 feet. >> thank you for all of you joining us with special edition of "fox and friends". we started at 4:00 on the east coast. join us tomorrow morning as sandy makes landfall.


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